Mobile Samples

Site Redesign

Project: Redesign web experience for ambulatory/outpatient audience in Arizona market

Services: Content audit, IA, User Journeys, SEO, site authoring

Strategy: New IA, new patient tools, and branded content to better guide new patients and existing patients on finding and managing their outpatient care (preventative, treatment, consultant, intervention, etc.)

Tactics: IA with patient tools, exploratory content on academic medical practice, newly integrated “Find a Doctor” + “Locate Near Facilities” modules

Validation email (left) + Reminder email (right)

Transactional Emails

Project: Encourage account creation in patient portal as part of department's "care transformation" initiative

Services: Email, copywriting, html

Strategy: Improved transactional emails that guide patient to complete verification step

Tactics: Updated header, subject, body text, embedded button + alt text


General Assembly

Digital Marketing Proposal

Educational Infographic

Project: Encourage new account creation through “self-enrollment” method

Services: Concept creation, user journey (staff), copywriting

Strategy: Equip staff with fast and educational prints that inform them on how to set up patients for self-enrollment

Tactics:“3 easy steps” visual, script recommendations + common questions and contact info

3D Apparel Design

Project: Streamline instructions for 3D modelers and designers overseas to meet new release schedule

Services: Concept creation

Strategy: Decrease iterations between teams with a new template that provides in-depth model/texture instructions specifications for engine palettes and existing models

Tactics: 360 view of design samples, avatar with model mocks and texture samples

Ad Suite Production

Project: Encourage traffic to store with new ad suite rotation across digital properties

Services: Concept creation, authoring, copywriting

Strategy: Style banners using collection/brand symbols along with virtual apparel and accessories

Tactics: Design banners for different properties- social, homepage, and “store front” banner